Writing, Film & Art


I write books and for scientific journals, newspapers and magazines. The Great Blue Heron written in 1997 is out of print, but a few copies can be found online. This book follows herons around the Salish Sea through the year to detail their ecology and behaviour. The Jade Coast written in 2003 also sold out. The book summarizes the ecology of the North Pacific Ocean and written for the layperson. I have also written for newspapers and magazines including the Vancouver Sun, Outpost, Westworld and Birders World. Contact me if you want a list of scientific articles.


The idea of nature culture got me thinking about a film. Mike McKinlay and I had collaborated on small films in the past and we shared a common approach to story telling. In 2013, we launched an expedition to seek out people who felt the magnetism of the Salish Sea out of which was born the film The Perfect State released in 2016. You can schedule a showing by going to speaking engagements.


During expeditions and travels, I make pen and ink sketches, and watercolour washes, and in the studio I paint large pieces some of which find their way into private collections in Canada and abroad. My style arose out of a combination of decades of watching animals and studying the use of colour. Some paintings are accurate depictions typical of scientific treatises, but my real interest is depicting animals in poses that illustrate their nature.

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