Speaking Engagements

IMG_1532I lost count of the number of speaking engagements when they surpassed 300 some time ago but my audiences have been in Canada, the USA, Korea, Italy, Taiwan, Colombia and Brazil to a diversity of interests including scientists, artists, naturalists, politicians, planners, explorers and the general public. Talks are tailored to each group, fast-paced, informative with superb images, humorous and uplifting. Themes include:

The Perfect State

Designed for communities seeking a new vision and relationship with nature, The Perfect State is our latest film on reconnecting with nature. The film combines with an address on Nature Culture to engage audiences in a new way to see nature and the opportunities to build a sustainable culture.

Establishing a Nature Culture

Designed for communities seeking a new vision and relationship with nature, Nature Culture draws on the latest research into health and well being benefits, describes an emerging market for entrepreneurs, and steps to build a sustainable culture.

The Best of Nature Stories 

From migration, a new world order from the return of predators, to evolution of tameness and intelligence of birds, the Best Nature Stories will make you see the world differently.

Migration of Life

Migration of Life will surprise, astound and delight you while revealing the natural world as never seen before.

Society of Crows

From a remote island to the urban jungle, the ever popular Society of Crows will take you on a journey into the mind of the crow to explore its complex social interactions.



“What a great talk. You were just perfect for the day. Everyone loved your words – which came so easily to you. People who had been feeling the weight of the world felt so much more positive. In fact the whole day went very well.”

“I could listen to Rob speak on any topic.  He’s informed, lucid and charming.” 

“Rob’s knowledge and commitment are unparalleled.”

“I watched your presentation a few years ago and you made quite an impression on me. It was so engaging that you inspired my feeble attempts to become a real bird enthusiast whose scope goes a little further than the birds in my own neighbourhood.”

“Thanks again for your great presentation on crows – still the talk of the town.”


To book a speaking engagement, email booking@robbutler.ca